Putting Things Into Practice

I was in a dark place. Probably not the darkest I could have gone. But it wasnt pleasant.

It felt heavy.
It felt hopeless.
It felt like I was holding it together – but only just.

But after Passionate Conference I feel like I can run again. I can go again. Because my hope isn’t in a drug or a doctor but in God.

Pastor Ma Jeffares and Pastor Reggie Dabbs spoke amazing words in church in the weeks leading up to Passionate (Woman’s) Conference that was resonating within. They were setting the scene for me and Passionate Conference.

Here are some of my notes from both Pastors:
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Powerful Quotes

Passionate Womens Conference was amazing.
I’m so glad I went.

Leading up to the conference I really wasn’t interested in going. I didn’t want to go down to Wellington and have an entire weekend without my Grant. I wasn’t interested in attending another conference, hearing another speaker. I was in a bad place, I see that now. But one Sunday, when they were promoting the conference I felt powerfully compelled to go. I HAD to go. There was no two ways about it. Immediately I text Grant (he was at work) – I really try hard not to text in church during the word, as I feel its really rude, but I just had too. I had to check that it was okay if I went. Which, of course it was.

I’m so glad I went.

Every word was in season for me. Every word had moments that I’m sure were just for me. God ordained moments.
It was pretty scary the lead up to the conference, because I didn’t know what to expect – I just knew that I had to be there and that God would meet me. That can be pretty daunting! A date with God!
It was amazing, freeing, liberating, revealing, encouraging and inspiring.
The presence of God was amazing.

There are two quotes that have really resonated within me, and I’d love to share them with you.
The first is from Lady Joy Hill, the wife of Pastor Chris Hill. They are the Senior Pastors at Potter’s House in Denver.

She said:
“Delay isn’t denial. Every delay has a purpose.”

Really, I could post all my notes from all her sessions, but it wouldn’t make sense as it was hard to get it all down and listen and let God move and reveal himself. But I believe that this is such a powerful statement.

Following this Pastor Gillian Cameron, the wife of Pastor John Cameron (Senior Pastors of Arise Church in New Zealand) spoke and I captured this nugget of truth from her:

“Though the storm may rage around me it shouldn’t rage in me. God is my hope anchor.”

Yes and Amen!