Moving Forward

Lots has been happening lately.

First off we have, conditionally, bought a house. Obviously we are super excited about it and have a two week wait of a different kind! We have two weeks to get all the conditions met and if everyone signs off then the house is ours! It’s been a busy few weeks house hunting, organizing people and businesses, meetings with the bank and making big decisions. The house is amazing and we are praying that everything comes together.

While all this has been going on we also have had a few health things going on. Grant had minor surgery on his hand yesterday so I’ve been playing nurse as he can’t use his left hand. I’ve also done potential nerve damage to my hand and got a sinus infection. On top of all this my doctor did a routine blood test and now thinks I have slight anemia so this week I have to have more blood tests to check my iron. I’m completely surprised by this and I’m not worried about it at all, it’s just a hassle more than anything. This weekend we have been relaxing at home and concentrating on getting better. We make a fine pair!

This week we also had our meeting with the fertility specialist.

I think the biggest piece of news is that we qualify for public funding. This means we do not need to pay for any further treatment. It’s overwhelming thinking about how lucky and blessed we are to qualify as there is no way we could afford to keep trying. Thank you God for public funding!

Moving forward we have a plan and this is great because there is finally an end date on this. It’s a relief to know that if the treatments don’t work then we can happily walk away knowing we have done everything we possibly can to create a family. It’s also a relief to know that there is a plan of attack and to know exactly what it will entail.

So once all the funding paperwork is signed off we will begin fsh injections as part of the ovulation induction process. I will have to inject myself once a day for a maximum of four weeks. During this time I will be having numerous blood tests and scans. They are unsure about the dosage so they will start me off with small amounts and increase once they determine how my body responds. If I over respond then the cycle is cancelled. If I under respond, and nothing happens after four weeks, then the cycle is cancelled.

So we are funded for four cycles of fsh injections. If they don’t work then we are funded for one cycle of ivf. There is an 18 month waiting list for ivf and we are unable to get onto the list until we have tried the four rounds of fsh injections. After this, if it doesn’t work, then we can walk away knowing we have no regrets. Obviously we are being positive and hoping that the first cycle of injections work but its nice to know there is a plan if it doesn’t.

I’m feeling much more relaxed about the injections after having the nurse walk us through it. At first I was so unsure about injecting myself but Grant is willing to inject me if I find I can’t do it. I’m so lucky to have someone who is supportive and caring.

This week Grant is having another sperm sample tested. He was tested over a year ago and there were no issues so we are expecting the same result. This test is just routine as we have decided to go with iui or insemination of Grants sperm when the fsh injections cause me to ovulate. This is to ensure that the sperm end up in the right place. Kind of like doubling our chances, because we will also have sex when I’m ovulating. I know it’s quite a “medical” process but ivf is so medical and involved and it can’t hurt to increase our chances of getting pregnant. It would be awful to finally get the injection dosage correct, ovulate and not get pregnant. (This actually happened the first round of clomiphene, it worked perfectly and I just didn’t get pregnant. Then my body never responded to clomiphene again).

I’ve been advised to stop the herbal treatments as the doctors are unsure about how the herbs will react to the injections so I have stopped taking them. It was too early to know if it was having any affect on my cycle but I have no regrets on giving it a go, even if it was for a short time.

So there’s lots going on at the moment but we are feeling positive, hopeful and excited about the very certain future that’s before us.


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