Trial and Error

I had a conversation with the nurses yesterday and its become abundantly clear that clomiphene just isn’t working. My body is completely not interested in responding to it in anyway at all. We now have a meeting with the doctor in August where we will have a chance to talk about further options and check our validity for getting some public funding.

I know some of the options are:
1. Metformin – I’m really reluctant to start taking this as I’ve heard it has some nasty side effects including nausea. It also makes people lose a lot of weight and I really don’t need to at all. I don’t think my doctor is too keen to put me on this anyway.

2. Another option is some form of medication that is injected into me on a daily basis for x amount of days. I really don’t know much about this option other than it requires poking needles into myself at home. Really not keen for that. If I lived in the same city as my mum I would get her to do it as she’s a nurse. Unfortunately she’s five hours drive from here.

3. IVF. If we don’t get public funding for this there is no way this is an option for us as we just can’t afford it.

I’m looking forward to the meeting as we will get a whole lot more information and be able to really discuss the options before us.

In the mean time I’m trying the herbal natural approach. I’m semi self medicating as I don’t want to pay a naturalist/nutritionist. However I’ve done heaps of research online and went around a lot of stores talking to a lot of people.

So, I am taking:
1x vitex tablet (made up of 500mg of vitex, 700mg of paeonia lactiflora, 670mg of matricaria recutita and 170mg of zingiber officinale)
1x 1,000mg primrose oil.

I’m taking this every morning and every night.

I also looked for spearmint tea but I haven’t been able to find it just yet. If I happen to find it I think I’ll take it once a day before bed as it can aid sleep.

I’m really hoping the vitex help shorten my crazy unpredictable cycles and encourages ovulation. I’m hoping to give it at least three months to work before we try injections/ivf/whatever the doctor recommends. However, this isn’t set in stone and we are going into the doctors meeting with open minds.

I’m disappointed that this last round didn’t work but I’m still clinging to my faith and that God is good, all the time.


2 thoughts on “Trial and Error

  1. Stephanie says:

    Praying for guidance and peace during this time of decisions and waiting! God is faithful!

    I was on Metformin for a bit, and have been trying natural remedies since January. I’ve tried maca and have been on Vitex for almost 3 months now. I still can’t tell if its helping because my cycles are extremely irregular. I hope it brings good results for you though!

    If you ever want to talk, I’m always here. 😉

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