Even in Lamentation


Even in Lamentations there is hope.

We were trying again this month. I had a blood test Tuesday which seemed promising. The scan however showed nothing. It’s very clear that the medication just isn’t working.

They want me to have another blood test tomorrow, just to be sure my hormone levels don’t decide to rise. I’m not expecting them to rise at all.

It’s frustrating that the doctors don’t understand why it’s not working as it should.

Now we will have a review meeting with the doctor and specialist to see what our next options are, one of which is ivf. I’m not sure that is a path I want to go down but we haven’t written it off yet.

I’m not sure how much longer we can keep trying for. I know I haven’t got it in me to still be hoping and expecting years from now but I’m willing to keep our options open for now.

But maybe we just aren’t meant to have kids.


3 thoughts on “Even in Lamentation

  1. nice post and very well written . i like it.

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