Mighty Is the Lord Is My Battle Cry

I’ve been reading about David in the Bible. He is easily one of my favourites. David, a man who is anointed to be King while Saul is still reigning. Instead of taking over control he honours Saul and Jonathan. Even when he is attacked, driven out, on the run, hunted down, he still honours those in leadership and he still praises God. David is a man who is flawed, he’s a liar; a musician; a lover; a leader; a friend; an adulterer; a less-than-perfect father; a dancer; a fighter; he knows pain and loss; and he has some family issues. And still God wants to use him. And still David chooses to have faith in God. I love that David is a fierce warrior and a passionate worshiper.

2 Samuel 23:8 – 39 is about Davids mighty men.
The elite men of his army, trained to use both left and right hands. Men who are not afraid of battle, of fighting for David and what they believe in.

This passage of scripture talks about the battles three of the ‘mightier’ elite men fought.
Jashobeam alone killed 800 men with a sword in one battle.
Eleazar and David stood and fought the Philistines when the rest of their army fled. The two of them stood and fought until their arms were weary. Needless to say, they won and their army didn’t return until the battle was over.
Shammah fought in the middle of a field, alone after the rest of the army fled again. He beat back the Philistines and won the victory.

Another time David once remarked how he missed the taste of the water from the well by the gate at Bethlehem so the mighty three (from the elite army of thirty) broke through the Philistine lines, got the water and brought it back for David. These men were looking for any excuse to defy the Philistines and to take victory.

This particular passage of scripture tells some other heroic battles by the thirty elite men but Benaiah’s story is one of my favourite, because its just so badass. On a snowy day, he chased a lion down into a pit and killed it.
On a snowy day, when its cold, wet, and hard to move he chases a lion. He goes into a pit and kills it. Bad. Ass. I think this is also notable because David also killed lions, back in 1 Samuel 17 David talks about how he protected his sheep from lions and bears by killing them. Its interesting to note, that as a leader, you can only take people where you have been. Now, I definitely don’t condone violence or cruelty to animals, (but I can understand hunting) but the reason why I like this story is because Benaiah has no fear. He knows what he wants, he knows what he is fighting for and he doesn’t let anything stop him. All of the mighty men stand up and fight when everyone else has run away. They suit up and go into battle. Even when its just them against a multitude they still fight. Even when the statistics, the facts scream failure, loss, and death they still boldly go into battle.

And when they win, God gets the glory and the victory.

I believe that my God is into statistics. The bigger the statistics, the bigger the glory that goes to God. David and David’s mighty men see the statistics but then they see God and know that God is bigger than any statistic. Just as David fought to protect his sheep, we too need to fight in order to protect that in which God has given us to protect. I believe that we need to fight for the promises and callings God has in-store for us. Because when we do fight and claim victory then God gets the glory. Its easy to be overwhelmed when the rest of the army, or your support network, your friends and family flee. Its easy to listen to them and turn around and walk away. But then what glory is found in giving up? We must believe that we can fight because God is on our side, even when the stats are against us. Who would you put your money on – Benaiah or the lion? The one man, who has God on his side, or the army of 800?

Right now the statistics aren’t looking good for Grant and I and my infertility. Eating healthy has not worked. Acupuncture has not worked. Medication has not worked. Exercise has not worked. All of these things together have not worked. I am not pregnant. Right now the facts scream failure, loss and emptiness. Yet I will trust in God. I will trust that my battle is not over yet. Although I may feel weary I will still rise with prayer and praise until I get my answer. And then all the glory and victory will go to Him. I am not ready to walk away yet. I am not ready to give up the fight for my miracle just yet.


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