I stumbled across the notion of acupuncture purely by accident.

I was reading an article about something or rather and clicked on a link which lead to something else which lead me to a website about a “miracle” book for pcos suffers. It boasted a bunch of wondrous things you could start doing that will cure you like nothing else. It never actually said what these “things” were – you had to buy the book to find out. It had screeds of testimonials.

It screamed scam.

But as I was reading this phony, promotional, scammy website it mentioned acupuncture – in a passing thought kind of way.

Google became my friend.
I began to research it. I’m not a fan of needles. Can’t stand them actually, so I was naturally wary of acupuncture seeing as needles is its “thing”. But the more I researched the more compelled I was to find out more.

After exhausting my Internet sources I began asking friends and family. Grant was a bit skeptical but agreed that if I researched it more then he would support me. I was curious whether anyone I knew had experienced it and I wondered about the “religious” view on it.

A top nz sportswoman and close workmate revealed that she often got physio and acupuncture to help her with sporting injuries. She couldn’t praise it highly enough. I talked it over with my mum because she’s a nurse and because she’s wise and a faithful Christian. I also talked it over with my dear friends Leo and Fi, who are also wise and faithful Christians who attend my church.

They all agreed that perhaps I should give it a go and go from there. In more of a “no harm in trying it once” and “what have you got to lose” type way. My mum was probably the most skeptical, but only because she hates needles. Which is funny. Because she’s a nurse.

I rang around 10 different places and asked a whole lot of questions. The prices were waaaay more expensive than I predicted. It seems to me that infertility is a lot like weddings or a 21st – just mention those words and watch the prices double. So it seemed the same when talking babies and infertility.

I had one place in mind that gave me “good vibes” on the phone before ringing the last place on my list. I rang. They informed me they didn’t do fertility type acupuncture. But could give me the number to someone who did. I rang the number and by the end of the conversation I was sold. There was no competition. All my questions were answered and more. They instantly seemed knowledgeable about my general condition and possible complications. He encouraged, no insisted, that Grant come along too “as most husbands are unsure about this type of thing.” And best of all, he was easily the cheapest.

On the day of my appointment I was quite nervous. Mainly about whether it would be ‘weird’ and ‘chanty’ or have lots of talk about inner chi or something. I was also scared it was going to hurt.

I was instantly at ease when we meet. Guy was so friendly, reassuring, knowledgeable and completely unassuming. He made Grant and I feel so relaxed and comfortable.

Initially Grant had said that he would sit in for the consult but leave when he started on the needles.

He never did leave.

Guy explained each step in understandable, western medical terms as well as explaining the Chinese background.

And it [mostly] doesn’t hurt. (And I’m usually a complete wuss about these things.) One hurt, like a pinprick, when he put it in but once it was in it didn’t hurt at all. At the most it felt like a warm, tingling sensation. Which was actually quite pleasant.

Since the first appointment I have been back four times. There has been mixed results, which apparently are due to complex issues and finding the right signals and areas to target (well, that’s my very basic understanding of it.)

I’m so very intrigued by the whole process and every time Guy tries something new. I’m astounded by the complexities of our body and I find myself in awe of God just contemplating it.

What I love most about the appointments is that I always walk away feeling hopeful, relaxed and like a winner.

And if acupuncture doesn’t work as it “should”, if my cycles don’t become more normal or predictable and my cysts smaller or nonexistent, I would still say that it has been a positive, beneficial experience because of how good, positive, hopeful, peaceful, excited and faithful I feel when I leave.

Guy has stuck needles of various kinds over my body, used electrical currents (sounds like shock treatment, it’s totally not) and polarizing. He’s also burned some form of weed on the needles. I like this as it feels nice (and no, not the marijuana kind of weed. An actual weed, possibly called moxa but dont quote me on that.) He has also used this “moxa” to lightly burn my skin. It sounds awful and painful but it really wasn’t. It stung for a second and then it was over. The idea behind this is that as my body heals the burned skin it will continue to send messages and signals around my body. And right now as I type this I have two needles embedded under my skin. They’ll stay there til the tape holding them comes off, or my next appointment – whichever comes first.

For someone who hates needles, blood, guts and gore I’m completely intrigued by it all. Although I have not seen results yet I’m still hoping for the best. I know that no matter what ends up ‘working’ – whether it be the acupuncture, medication, Pilates, healthy eating or prayer – at the end of the day it will be my God who gets all the glory.

What I’ve learnt from this is to take a risk. To not be afraid of something that may hurt. Or to let something that I don’t understand stop me from giving something a go.
Because if I let fear, lack of understanding, pain or meekness hold me back I may miss out on opportunities to take hold of freedom, hope, inner strength, and peace.


2 thoughts on “Acupuncture

  1. Stephanie says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post! I have been wondering about acupuncture for a while now. Sounds like it has been a great experience for you! I look forward to following your journey. And you’re so right- to God be the glory!! 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed hearing about my experience with acupuncture. I would seriously recommend everyone giving it a try at least once.

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