Putting Things Into Practice

I was in a dark place. Probably not the darkest I could have gone. But it wasnt pleasant.

It felt heavy.
It felt hopeless.
It felt like I was holding it together – but only just.

But after Passionate Conference I feel like I can run again. I can go again. Because my hope isn’t in a drug or a doctor but in God.

Pastor Ma Jeffares and Pastor Reggie Dabbs spoke amazing words in church in the weeks leading up to Passionate (Woman’s) Conference that was resonating within. They were setting the scene for me and Passionate Conference.

Here are some of my notes from both Pastors:

Pastor Ma – Ready, Stretch, Go!
Deuteronomy 31:6-8
Don’t be afraid. Don’t be terrified.

Learn to do the stretch well.
In this place God can be glorified or I can be glorified or satan can.
In this place do I play the blame game?
How I react determines my go or my woe.
Cling to his word and his promises. He will help you stretch further.

Ps Reggie Dabbs – Easter Saturday
Jesus spoke on Friday from the cross. He died. Sunday he rose again.

Lots of churches speak on Friday and Sunday. Lots of services on these days. But what about Saturday?

What about Saturday? Why was there a Saturday?

Because there is something between the hope and the answer
Jesus is alive!
It’s quiet, but Sunday is coming!

The ten minute fix teaches us nothing about his power, grace and mercy.

My job on a Saturday:
Lie still, stay silent and trust God

Saturday had a purpose
James 5:7 be patient until the coming of The Lord.

God is here for me. Just be still and know.

Today though I had to put it into practice.
Finding out someone else is pregnant is hard. Especially when it’s not someone you like. I had a moment of jealousy, its true. But then I remembered that God has perfect timing. And my time will come. I choose to keep praising God. I choose to keep trusting God. I choose to have my hope in him alone. Mighty is The Lord is my battle cry!


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