Leaving a Legacy

In the last few months I have had to attend two funerals. Two funerals of people who were larger than life. They were both people who impacted the lives of so, so many people. Regardless of age, gender, race – they just loved people. And they served them the best way they knew how. They served people just by being all that they were called to be. They didn’t try and be someone who they were not. They just did their thing and hundreds of people were impacted by it. Both funerals were packed out. Screens and TV’s had to be put up so the overflow rooms (yes rooms, not just one overflow room but many) could see and hear what was happening. They were both incredible, inspiring people.

Cancer is an evil b%^&@. I don’t understand it. And I probably never will. Its awful watching the one you love slowly slip away. Its hard to stand beside friends and family and try and support them as they watch their love ones fight for life.

Their funerals made me want to be a better person.

A person who is selfless
A person who lives to their full potential and encourages others to do the same
A person who uses their talents to help others
A person who encourages others
A person who loves others selflessly
A person who lives a full and happy life
A person who has an open home
A person who is generous
A person who leaves a legacy
A person who does mission work

Rest in peace, I look forward to seeing you again x


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